Friday, 20 April 2007

The London Book Fair 2007

Spring time in London is always fabulous but this year the weather took everyone by surprise. With temperatures in the 20s, there were many sunburnt faces at London Book Fair on Monday morning.

The Mavericks kept their cool, however, and had a busy book fair meeting agents and authors, and buying rights.

The new venue at Earl's Court was great to work in - close to hotels, good facilities and and a comfortable environment, although many commented that the Irish stand was placed on aisle Z, it was in fact, a busy spot which attracted quite a few passers by.

We made some acquisitions, which we are very excited about, and will feature in our 2008 list.

The Mavericks also found time to hang out in South Kensington with fellow publisher, Peter Walsh from Milo Books, as all work and no play would make the Mavericks very dull indeed!

Jean, MD.

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