Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Note from a reader:

I finished Hell in Barbados earlier this week and let me tell you, I thought it was brilliant. I honestly couldn’t put it down, that’s how gripping it was. My partners now reading it and he too can’t put it down either!

I wanted thank Terry for providing me with such an amazing insight, not just into his life, but on how addiction can affect people in an all consuming way. But, he also shows that it is possible to turn your life around. Hopefully many others do not have to experience the horrors that Terry did, but he shows that if people want to change, they can.

There were moments in the book that the scenario was so crazy and chaotic that I had to laugh at the black humour. I know it wasn’t funny but I can imagine him in the middle of it all, but not even comprehending the risks/dangers.

The part set in Barbados was chilling and at times I felt his fear. The book was really able to convey so much emotion. When the riot broke, I felt like I was jostling through the crowd with him trying to get out, or baking in the hot sun while he waited to be moved, or wrapping himself up in a plastic sheet to keep warm.

I’m disgusted that this is the way people are being treated in Barbados. It turns my stomach to know that this happens to people and that they mix petty criminals with major criminals.

Once again, what an amazing triumph! I’m so grateful that Terry was able to share this story in a touching, humane and dignified way.